Dinah Roe Kendall Jesus washes Disciples Feet

Dinah Rose Kendall, Jesus washes Disciples’ Feet (1995-6)

Oy, out the way!

Let me have a look!

Is he… is he really washing Simon Peter’s feet?


Well I never!

This is getting way out of hand.


Mary! Quick, pull the blind down so nobody sees.

This is subversive stuff.


And is Peter just allowing him to do it?

Who does he think he is?

We were just about to sit down and eat

but he’s doing something the servants should be doing.

Not him, not our Lord.

So that we can be part of it?

What does that mean?


Do as I have done to you?


He wants us to do the same thing to others?

To wash feet?

Who does he think we are?

I didn’t sign up for this, you know.

Is this part of the deal?



Love one another, he says.

Just as I have loved you.

Oh my goodness, this is real.

This is really real.

A new commandment.