Dinah Roe Kendall Jesus washes Disciples Feet

Dinah Rose Kendall, Jesus washes Disciples’ Feet (1995-6)

Oy, out the way!

Let me have a look!

Is he… is he really washing Simon Peter’s feet?


Well I never!

This is getting way out of hand.


Mary! Quick, pull the blind down so nobody sees.

This is subversive stuff.


And is Peter just allowing him to do it?

Who does he think he is?

We were just about to sit down and eat

but he’s doing something the servants should be doing.

Not him, not our Lord.

So that we can be part of it?

What does that mean?


Do as I have done to you?


He wants us to do the same thing to others?

To wash feet?

Who does he think we are?

I didn’t sign up for this, you know.

Is this part of the deal?



Love one another, he says.

Just as I have loved you.

Oh my goodness, this is real.

This is really real.

A new commandment.


Margaret Macdonald The Blackthorns

Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, The Legend of the Blackthorns (1922), Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow

Will you stay with me?

I don’t want to go on alone.

My hand is so cold

will you hold it in yours?


I’m not ready to leave you.

Not ready to leave this place

full of the warmth of our time together

to move into the darkness between the stars.


Shall I never see the blackthorn again,

see the leaf upon the tree

feel the warm sun on my face?


Our days are like the grass

we flourish like a flower of the field;

when the wind goes over it, it is gone

and its place shall know it no more. (Ps 103)


May you be with me in the shadows,

may you lead me to your presence

where my life began with you

and is sustained for ever.


Darkness is not dark to you

the night will shine like the day

and you will hold me in the palm of your hand

and love me forever

just as I have loved you.



Gustav Klimt, Hope II (1908), Museum of Modern Art, New York

Mothering Spirit,

this is my body

given for this child-to-be-born

being knit together in my womb

transforming and creating.


She is known by you already

known and loved

known and special and unique.

There will never be another child like her.


Each part of her has its own special task

bringing together all that is whole.

Created in your image

created in love

transformed from love to love

to love everlasting.


Leaping with joy,

sheltering in the shadow of your wings

of your wings and my womb,

a vessel of transformation.


Let me cast my cares on you

knowing you will sustain me.


Winter is fading, and new life is beginning

in this season of renewal and birth.

Now is the time for change,

for transformation, for all things new.


Mothering Spirit,

pray that it may be so.

Love freely given

Phoebe Traquair Love's Testament

Phoebe Traquair, Love’s Testament (1898), Collection of Lord Lloyd Webber

Do you know?  Have you heard?

You are loved!

You are loved with an everlasting love.

Each hair on your head,

each crease on your lips,

each freckle, each blemish, each part of you

is loved and loved and loved.


And there is nothing you can do

to make God love you more.

And there is nothing you can do

to make God love you less.

God loves you just as you are!

Isn’t that incredible, amazing, wonderful?


When God looks at you

God looks through the eyes of love.

God sees nothing but love in you

and through you

and with you.

All you have to do is believe it.

Believe that you are loved

with a love that knows no end.


God’s love is always patient and kind,

doesn’t force itself on others,

doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.

Love never dies.

God’s love for you never dies.

Never, ever.


Have you heard me?

Do you believe me?

You are loved, you lovely creature.