julie-rodriguez-jones the-women-at-the-empty-tomb-he-lives-

Julia Rodriguez Jones, The Women at the Empty Tomb – He Lives

There was just the three of us

that morning.

It was cold and dark

the sun just rising.

We wondered how we’d roll away the stone

but that didn’t seem as important

as the job we had to do.

You see, we had the spices to anoint his poor body.

We clutched them close to us

inhaling their sweet scent.


But when we got there

the stone had gone!

How can this be?

The size of it!

How can it be gone?


So we walked right in

but he was gone.

I think we just stood there

frozen to the spot.

The cloths were there,

folded where he lay.

Where was he,

our beloved?


Don’t be afraid, said the angel.

Don’t be afraid.

He is risen!

The son is risen!


Go and tell everyone! Go!


Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen.