Peter Howson,_Judas

Peter Howson, Judas (2002) South Ayrshire Council (Rozelle House Galleries)

Oh Judas, what did you do?

What were you thinking?

Where did it go so wrong?

Were you jealous?

Was money so important to you?

Do you really belong with those thugs over there

throwing rocks at the man on the cross?


Can you feel that kiss still lingering on your lips?

That kiss of betrayal.


Look up, dear Judas,

look up to the heavens

look up and feel the light of God

upon you.

Your guilt is exposed

your anguish is seen

and those words echo in your mind

“One of you will betray me.”

Betray me.

And you did what was asked.

Or did you get it wrong?


That light, dear Judas,

that light is your path to redemption

should you choose to walk it.

Can you believe in it, Judas?

Can you believe that forgiveness lies there?

Was it all part of a divine plan?

Were you the scapegoat, the fall guy?

Or was the devil in you, as they said?