Kathe Kollwitz The Mothers

Kathe Kollwitz, The Mothers (1923) Museum of Modern Art, New York

‘Here might I stay and sing.

No story so divine.

Never was grief, dear King!

Never was love like thine.’


And so we cling together

on this darkest of days

sharing our grief, our fear

knowing we are alone

but have one another.


Bless the little children

protect them and keep them safe

let us be a human shield

for all the wee ones,

the innocent, the unworldly.


My sorrow, my heartache,

twists within me like a knife

taking my breath away

as they did to him.


This should never be

a child going before his mother.

Hold tight to these little ones

hold tight and never let them go

never let them know

such anguish as this.


A cry went up

and we held on to one another

sisters, mothers, aunts

sharing our pain

our hurting for him.

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