The Tree


Petrus Christus, Madonna of the Dry Tree (1465) Thyssen-Bornemizza Museum

At his birth

the dry tree flourished.

As he grew

it thrived and blossomed

bringing new life

beneath its boughs.


The tree matured

strong and full of promise

reaching to the sky,

to the very heavens above.


But this tree of growth and promise

will be cut down in its prime

hacked and axed

to be a weapon of destruction.


For now it holds the memories

as it waits.

Holds in its arms

the birth of a baby

a boy in a carpenter’s workshop

a healer and a pilgrim

a dreamer and an activist

a questioner of law

a servant and a listener

and a lover of love.

A lover of love.


For now we wait.

We wait

daring to believe in his love.



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