Rockwell Kent Meditation

Rockwell Kent, Meditation (1929) © Plattsburgh State Art Museum, State University of New York, USA, Rockwell Kent Collection

I stand alone

I look to you

My prayer is simple…

Give me strength


Lord, hear my prayer.


I go to church

I try to do the right thing

to say the right thing

to be what you want me to be

and although I do it with my whole heart

I never seem to get it right.


I feel as if I am straddling

two worlds

and never succeeding in either.


Oh Lord, my love,

you stride through my life

pulling me with you

until it feels as if I just can’t keep up

I try to pull my hand away

to fall back to my old ways

because it is easier.


Lord, hear my prayer.

Give me strength

Keep my hand in yours

and help me hold on to you.


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