The Present Moment

Salvador Dali Girl standing at the Window

Salvador Dali, Girl at a Window (1925) Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid

Sunlight breaking through the morning haze

dancing, sparkling, flirting

on the waves in the harbour

across the bay.

Olive trees

silvery-grey green

giving fruit and oil from ancient times.

Warmth on my shoulders

as I wait and watch

aware of this present moment.


I contemplate the divine love

and it contemplates me.

God’s love shines upon me

at this moment,

sees me, understands me,

protects me, accepts me

and I feel it at this moment.


At this moment,

this very moment

because I have stopped

and watched

and waited

I have let the light in.

The light that was always there

I have accepted at this present moment

and it feels good.


Thanks be to God for this moment.

This present moment.

This sacrament.



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