odilon-redon profil-de-lumiere

Odilon Redon, Profil de Lumiere – profil de femme voilée (1891) Musee d’Orsay

In the darkness

I feel God’s absence

always in the darkness

always in the wee small hours.


How can I think of God my Father

when my own father is not here?

How can I believe God loves me

when I have done nothing to earn it?

How can I hear the voice of God

when my dark thoughts make a tangled hedge

where nothing can break through?


Lord, I want to know your love

I seek a way out of being stuck in myself

Break down the barriers I have created

Lift the veil from my eyes

which prevents me from seeing your light

in everything

for the darkness has become my unwanted friend

and has such a grip on me

that I can’t see your path at all.


Lift me, Lord,

from the darkness that is within

from the despair and gloom

from my fears which bind me.


Lift me, Lord,

into life with you

a life of hope and love and peace

and the light of your glory.


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