Spiritual Growth

the-angelus-1859 Millet

Jean-Francois Millet, The Angelus (1859) Musee d’Orsay

The Angelus bells rang and we stopped.

He plunged his fork into the hard earth

and I put down the basket of potatoes.

Three threes and a nine, they rang

and in the silence in between

there was nothing but the song of the birds.


Pour forth, we beseech thee, O Lord,

thy grace into our hearts

that we, to whom the incarnation of Christ, thy Son,

was made known by the message of an angel,

may by his passion and cross,

be brought to the glory of his resurrection.


A moment of respite

to stop and pray

to cease our daily toil

and remember.

To remember who gave us this soil

for us to cherish

where we walk with respect

and go gently upon this earth.


Pour forth thy grace into our hearts,

dear Lord,

that we who look for angels,

may be granted the strength

to care for your new creation

with love and humbleness

and an understanding

of the delicacy of nature

and grow with you

into maturity.


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