(c) Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

George Hitchcock, Maternité (1889)

Come, my sweet one

my little one, my baby.

We have a long journey ahead

and the path will not always be as easy as this one.


Shush, shush

don’t cry wee one.

Mummy’s here and I love you very much

I will be with you for ever and ever.


I don’t know what life will throw at you,

my darling boy,

but I sense it won’t be easy.

Your pilgrimage is a gift from God,

a bittersweet gift

and I cannot save you.


Look on the path!

A cross lies before you

a sign of God’s kiss,

a sign of human cruelty.


Shall we let John go ahead of us

to lead the way

to prepare the path for you

the path you must follow?


There, there little dove,

we none of us know where our lives will take us

who we will meet

what we will do

but I do know Abba God will be with you

every step of the way.


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