Margaret Macdonald The Blackthorns

Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, The Legend of the Blackthorns (1922), Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow

Will you stay with me?

I don’t want to go on alone.

My hand is so cold

will you hold it in yours?


I’m not ready to leave you.

Not ready to leave this place

full of the warmth of our time together

to move into the darkness between the stars.


Shall I never see the blackthorn again,

see the leaf upon the tree

feel the warm sun on my face?


Our days are like the grass

we flourish like a flower of the field;

when the wind goes over it, it is gone

and its place shall know it no more. (Ps 103)


May you be with me in the shadows,

may you lead me to your presence

where my life began with you

and is sustained for ever.


Darkness is not dark to you

the night will shine like the day

and you will hold me in the palm of your hand

and love me forever

just as I have loved you.


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