Gustav Klimt, Hope II (1908), Museum of Modern Art, New York

Mothering Spirit,

this is my body

given for this child-to-be-born

being knit together in my womb

transforming and creating.


She is known by you already

known and loved

known and special and unique.

There will never be another child like her.


Each part of her has its own special task

bringing together all that is whole.

Created in your image

created in love

transformed from love to love

to love everlasting.


Leaping with joy,

sheltering in the shadow of your wings

of your wings and my womb,

a vessel of transformation.


Let me cast my cares on you

knowing you will sustain me.


Winter is fading, and new life is beginning

in this season of renewal and birth.

Now is the time for change,

for transformation, for all things new.


Mothering Spirit,

pray that it may be so.


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