Georges de la Tour magdalen of the smoking flame

Georges de la Tour, Magdalen of the Smoking Flame (1640) Louvre, Paris

This is what I have left

two holy books

a cross

a scourge

and a lamp

to light them.


The lamp smokes and curls its way upwards

and I should trim the wick

but I don’t want to lose the light.

I look into the light

in the hope that I can see him again,

see the light that burned so deeply

the light that entered our world.


It feels as if all around me is dark

memories playing tricks on me

about what is and isn’t real


but the light is real

and what he’s done to me is real

really real

and I search for my soul in the light


I have no need of those other things

I only need the light

the light of the world

the light of my salvation

light to lighten my life

my life lived in him.



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