Thomas Hart_benton_the lord is my shepherd

Thomas Hart Benton, The Lord is my Shepherd (1926), Whitney Museum of American Art,
New York

We don’t need much in the morning,

just a strong cup of coffee

and some oatmeal to get us going.

Sabrina has some jam on hers

because she has a sweet tooth.

Then it’s out to work on the farm

as we’ve done for over sixty years now, I reckon.

It’s a simple life but we like it.

It’s all we need.

That and the love of the Lord.


Our strength comes from the Lord.

He’s our Shepherd and we are part of his flock.

We trust in Him.

We live with green pastures so it’s not hard to forget.

And when we come to enter the Valley of the Shadow of Death

then we will fear no evil

for we know his rod and staff comfort us.

Just like we’ve done with our little flock out there.

We trust in Him, you see.


We don’t need for anything else,

no fancy things.

We just need the love of the Lord

and each other.

Yes, we need each other.

But if that were to come to an end,

God forbid,

then we’d still have the love of the Lord.

He’s see us through.

It’s simple really.


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