Andrew Wyeth, Wind from the Sea (1947), National Gallery of Washington DC

Come, Source of all being,

open the window of my heart

and blow your life-giving Spirit into my life.

Awaken me

from the chill of the winter of my own making

and lead me on the path to righteousness.


Call me from the sins of my past,

from the things I have done and those I have left undone,

from those thoughts, words and deeds

which took me far from you.


Conspire with me,

this Lenten time of awakening,

to perform simple acts of love and service,

to love my neighbour,

to pray more deeply,

to give more generously.


Open the window of my heart

so that I may embrace you with all the love I have,

that I may walk along the path with you

sharing, eating, laughing, weeping,

trusting you will never leave me

now and forever.


Open me

awaken me

play with me

pray with me

stay with me

now and forever.


4 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. I found this so inspirational when I first read it yesterday, I printed it out and placed it on my study desk. Since then I have read, prayed it and thought about it several times. For me just now your words seem to capture the whole of life and relationship with God. So I thank God for this post and you for sharing it. I am following this ‘Images of Lent’ blog every day this Lent and am grateful for it. I love the varied and interesting choice of images which I think I will return to many times.


  2. Oh thank you so much, Nancy. That means so much to me. I’ve had such a positive response to my wee Images of Lent and I had such a good time doing them. I just wish I had more time to do it!


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