Paula Modersohn-Becker, Old Peasant Woman (1905) Detroit Institute of Arts

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

It has been seven days since my last Confession.

I’ve just been doing the flowers in church.

Silly me telling you because you know, don’t you?

You just saw me there five minutes ago.

Gold and white they are.

With some lovely greenery from the garden to set it all off.

Lovely, though I do say so myself.

They brighten up all that dark wood something lovely,

so they do.


And you want it looking nice, don’t you?

The church, I mean.

You want it looking good for Our Lord.

The best we can.

And that’s what I’ve come to say, really.

Because Lent is all about getting rid of things that weigh you down.

Then about being the best you can.

Starting fresh, clean slate and all that.

And I’m just not sure the Church is being the best it can.

I mean, I’m doing my bit or trying to.

Me in my small corner.

But is the Church loving everyone like it should?

I’m not sure, Father.

I’m just not sure.


And I wondered if the Church would ever consider saying sorry,

confessing its sins, and starting afresh.

What do you think, Father?

Or am I just being silly?


2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Each day of this Lent journey is being saved in my “Aumbrey of His Words”. There is a word each day to treasure, and feed on. May we have the grace and humility to confess our corporate sin and rise, forgiven, to serve Him as a Church in newness of life an mission.
    Thank you Ruth, God bless you x


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